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CN-103348687-A: Autostereoscopic display device patent, CN-103350182-A: Novel composite hardening agent for water-glass investment casting patent, CN-103350466-A: 一种模具冷却系统 patent, CN-103358696-A: 液体喷射装置 patent, CN-103364796-A: Local area network positioning terminal differential data providing system and method patent, CN-103366833-A: Heat dissipation device combination patent, CN-103377119-A: 一种非标准控件自动化测试方法和装置 patent, CN-103377970-A: 基板处理装置 patent, CN-103378004-A: Manufacturing method of CMOS device with stress covering layer patent, CN-103378699-A: 轴向不对称永磁体电机 patent, CN-103378877-A: Method for realizing full-duplex point to point communication between near field communication terminals and device patent, CN-103380922-A: Peanut butter and manufacture method thereof patent, CN-103389272-A: Pulse-laser-based rapid measurement method of attenuation coefficient and scattering albedo of semi-transparent medium patent, CN-103392069-A: 用于燃料喷射设备的高压泵 patent, CN-103393493-A: 一种束缚手套 patent, CN-103400532-A: 综合化德士古煤制甲醇仿真教学工厂 patent, CN-103401538-A: 一种惯性加速度传感器频控力反馈信号处理电路 patent, CN-103412653-A: Numeric keyboard capable of randomly changing distribution sequence of numeric keys patent, CN-103414583-A: Low-complexity network average route optimization method patent, CN-103416396-A: 植物标本制作器 patent, CN-103422345-A: Anti-bacteria shrinkage-resisting woolen sweater treating liquid containing sodium palmitate patent, CN-103428187-A: Method and system for access controlling, and equipment patent, CN-103428766-A: 一种错误指示数据包的处理方法 patent, CN-103432642-A: 一种注射泵 patent, CN-103433452-A: Degassing process for low-gas-content centrifugal composite roll patent, CN-103440500-A: 高光谱遥感图像分类与识别方法 patent, CN-103441518-A: 单相负荷和相间负荷混合情况下的三相潮流分布确定方法 patent, CN-103444199-A: 信号处理装置、信号处理方法和程序 patent, CN-103449419-A: 具有超高储锂容量的氮掺杂石墨烯的制备方法 patent, CN-103456623-A: Etching control method for reducing deposition of polymers at edges of wafers patent, CN-103459438-A: 可聚合性化合物、可聚合性组合物、高分子及光学各向异性体 patent, CN-103461576-A: 一种清热降血压保健茶 patent, CN-103461663-A: 一种中草药猪饲料添加剂 patent, CN-103462924-A: 一种埃索美拉唑缓释片的处方和制备方法 patent, CN-103473576-A: Instruction information obtaining system and method patent, CN-103476062-A: Data flow scheduling method, equipment and system patent, CN-103480030-A: Method for preparing high-strength chitosan hydrogel through thermal gelation-nearly neutral water bath patent, CN-103481649-A: 一种热转印装置及方法 patent, CN-103483481-A: Polymerization system for preparing high-cis polybutadiene by gas-phase process and application thereof patent, CN-103483803-A: Halogen-free full fogging face polyurethane composition and preparation method thereof patent, CN-103484821-A: Preparation method for nano volcanic type array thin film with responsiveness pure color displaying function patent, CN-103487678-A: Portable power module test system and test method patent, CN-103491154-A: Client side service calling method and device patent, CN-103496988-A: Cbn磨粒氧化处理及用其制备陶瓷结合剂cbn磨具的方法 patent, CN-103498112-A: Stainless steel wire rope and production process thereof patent, CN-103502310-A: Aniline copolymers and methods for their preparation and use patent, CN-103503140-A: Independently voltage controlled volume of silicon on silicon on insulator chip patent, CN-103504448-A: Comprehensive method for drying rosebuds through microwave vacuum and heated air circulation patent, CN-103505665-A: 一种有助于消化的保健药品及其制备方法 patent, CN-103507217-A: 成型装置及其操作方法 patent, CN-103515367-A: 发光二极管封装结构 patent, CN-103517257-A: Method and device for providing service information and network system patent, CN-103522286-A: 一种平面立式二自由度并联机器人机构 patent, CN-103522445-A: Granulating machine patent, CN-103523028-A: Rope clip capable of being picked off or hung patent, CN-103525846-A: 一种具有抗肿瘤活性的海蚯蚓蛋白酶的编码基因序列及氨基酸序列 patent, CN-103534906-A: Concentric multi-axis actuator patent, CN-103534947-A: 接近传感器 patent, CN-103538626-A: 齿条轴支承装置以及车辆用转向操纵装置 patent, CN-103538791-A: Inserting-type cutter packaging device patent, CN-103540813-A: 一种Yb<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub>增强的Al-Si-Zn系铝合金的处理方法 patent, CN-103546278-A: 密码自动生成系统 patent, CN-103548838-A: Single-dose pymetrozine and composition thereof patent, CN-103559124-A: Fast fault detection method and device patent, CN-103561429-A: 无线通信方法和无线通信设备 patent, CN-103573897-A: Universal vertical shock-resistant rigidity-variable damping self-adaptive vibration-isolation shock-isolation device patent, CN-103579138-A: 半导体单元 patent, CN-103581241-A: 检测媒体访问控制类型的方法以及通信装置 patent, CN-103586081-A: Supported metallocene catalyst, preparation method and application thereof, and n-butyl acetate preparation method patent, CN-103587402-A: 一种混合动力驱动装置 patent, CN-103597782-A: 检测总线网络故障和拓扑的系统和方法 patent, CN-103599593-A: Wide-spectrum light quantum treatment machine apparatus capable of generating passive infrared light segment patent, CN-103603998-A: 用于非开挖施工的顶管 patent, CN-103606990-A: Dual-charging portable power source with flashlight function and distress signal lamp patent, CN-103609026-A: Controlling MTD antenna VSWR and coupling for SAR control patent, CN-103609829-A: Method for producing marine protein without fishy smell by utilizing marine fish processing leftover patent, CN-103631633-A: Virtual machine total-system online migration method, device and system patent, CN-103631734-A: 一种计算机控制移动设备的系统及方法 patent, CN-103631903-A: 一种数据库同步数据的系统 patent, CN-103636017-A: Piezoelectric element, oscillatory wave motor, and optical apparatus patent, CN-103636079-A: Lever connector patent, CN-103637723-A: Automatic foot basin patent, CN-103639862-A: Spring grinding machine patent, CN-103640101-A: Conveyor patent, CN-103640158-A: Molding plastic die for soft-rubber plug patent, CN-103645604-A: 一种无铬型圆网感光胶的制备方法 patent, CN-103652445-A: 一种肉小鸡开口饲料 patent, CN-103656678-A: Application of miR-493 gene in preparation of medicament for inhibiting cancer cell proliferation patent, CN-103657378-A: Crossflow type waste gas purifying tower patent, CN-103660429-A: Multi-layer metal composite plate and manufacturing method thereof patent, CN-103670305-A: 连续管注入头的抗污夹持块及制造方法 patent, CN-103675997-A: 双喇叭形太赫兹波偏振分束器 patent, CN-103678169-A: 一种高效利用固态盘缓存的方法和系统 patent, CN-103691474-A: 一种固体酸催化剂、其制备方法及其在普林斯反应中的应用 patent, CN-103697855-A: 一种基于海天线检测的船体水平姿态测量方法 patent, CN-103707007-A: 主动锥齿轮轴承座的加工方法 patent, CN-103711910-A: 核反应堆主循环泵密封装置用自补偿式应急组合密封 patent, CN-103711969-A: 一种智能旋转出水龙头 patent, CN-103715894-A: Multi-channel adjustable large current constant current intelligent sensing control power supply unit patent, CN-103719597-A: 一种水产生物饲料及其制备方法 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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